About our Company

Mick Heaps is well known in the locality and has over 30 years in the building industry.

DBS represents his experience in property & the building trade, plus our belief in providing high quality work, by reliable professionals, all strictly managed. We like to view ourselves as a thinking man’s building company.

We can offer advice and discuss possible plans in the early stages, giving you the benefit of our previous experience. This means we can achieve the best solution for you, bearing in mind what you are trying to achieve, how you will use the space, and what regulations you might need to comply with. We can also guide you through various ‘what if’ options to help you make informed decisions on costs vs looks etc.

Mick Heaps

Mick Heaps

We can provide you with regular project feedback, and help you with the multitude of decisions to be made along the way. We manage costs and keep you informed every step of the way so there are no surprises. This gives you confidence and total involvement without the stress usually associated with this kind of work.

Architects, Technicians, Planning Applications, and Building Control Regulations obviously come into play when dealing with many types of refurbishments, extensions or new builds. We can guide you through all of these. We can also offer a full Design & Build service whereby DBS employs all the other professionals required and we literally manage every aspect of the process. We have built relationships with several well known Architects, Building Control Inspectors and Structural Engineers, viewing them as a source of advice, rather than a force to be dealt with. We always build correctly, in line with the rules and best practice. We do not take short cuts.

With every job comes an element of the unknown. It is how this is dealt with that shows the quality of the builder, not the fact that the unknown occurred. We pride ourselves on our client communication, and our ability to get things done.

We like to think we are not your ‘usual’ building company, but judge for yourself. Visit our testimonials page or give us a call.

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