Builders !

Today we received a call from a prospective client who we saw last year to help with discussions of possible works, timescales and provided them with a quote. They had decided on another builder whose quote was cheaper than ours, although they said they would have felt more comfortable having the work completed by us. The call was to say they have been ‘let down again’ by their chosen builder and that this was ‘the final straw’. We are now in discussions with them to see if there is anything we can do to help rectify their situation.

PLEASE bear in mind reputation and the ‘feel’ you get for a builder you are employing to undertake a job which involves large sums of money. We stand by our quotes, we have a project manager who is a direct point of contact between our workforce and you the client. We pride ourselves on getting all our work through recommendations, and can provide you with references if needed. If someone is notably cheaper, or can start work straight away ask yourself why? Will they stick by their quote or find things they forgot to include? Will they turn up on time? And will they keep in contact with you every step of the way to minimise disruption, like we do?

We obviously want to do the work for everyone we quote for, but we also know there are lots of other builders around. We can’t speak for them all but we hate to hear of clients who have had a bad experience when they could have been supported by our team throughout. Please be careful out there.